Injury at work or in a road accident or in any other circumstances where some other person or company is at fault may allow you to seek compensation for your pain and suffering and other losses. Consult us for advice on all types of personal injury cases. Our objective is to investigate the matter fully and then pursue a fair and reasonable settlement of the claim. We also consider no-win-no-fee arrangements.Medical Negligence Claims:
If you have received medical treatment (including dental treatment) or advice which appears to have gone wrong as a result of neglect on the part of the medical practitioner then consult us for advice on your entitlement to claim financial compensation.

Professional Negligence Claims:
Professional persons such as Surveyors, Architects and Solicitors etc. may have given you negligent advice which may have caused you to suffer financial loss. We can advise you on the legal remedies available to you and can represent you in preparing and making the claim against the professional person.