Without a Will, your estate (everything that you own at the time of your death) will NOT necessarily automatically go to your spouse, partner or the person you intend to inherit, leaving that person vulnerable.

Making a Will enables you to:

  • Decide who should receive your money, property and special belongings when you die
  • Appoint the guardians of your choice to care for your children in the event that the other parent is unable to do so
  • Incorporate your preferred funeral arrangements
  • Have peace of mind, knowing that you have relived your family of the burden of making decisions at a stressful time

We particularly encourage property owners to make a Will. For most people your house is your biggest asset. It is important that those who should inherit are protected.

We can offer advice in relation to the obtaining of a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration or we can deal with a complete application for you.

Our comprehensive Wills & Probate services include:

  • Drafting of Wills of all types
  • Administration of Estates
  • Executorship of Estates
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Tax Returns
  • Capital Taxes Enquiries
  • Estate Accounts and Distributions
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Probate (Grants of Probate & Grants of Administration)
  • Contentious Probate (dispute of estate and court proceedings)